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Peng's takeaways 2.0 Planning Phase - Sharing Ideas and Thinking out Loud.

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Peng 2.0
Peng 2.0

Peng's takeaways have expressed the need to leverage technology better across its operations while providing services. In addition, a clear goal ahead to excellence enables them to address pre-requisites, build capacity, and maintain credibility with their clients.


To exploit technology configuration to support their contexts and agile, Peng will need to have

  • The correct information technology infrastructure,

  • Reasonably modern technology assets,

  • Toolkits (digital, data, services) and capabilities

Securing the above three pillars will empower Peng's takeaways to use technology sustainably and innovatively for a smooth operation throughout its branches to ensure a better service to the public. Building sought-after capabilities will enhance the Client's experience when interacting with Peng's Takeaways.

Options that are on the table

Let us create a website and a mobile application.

Any business establishment not having a website is becoming uncommon these days. Having one will ensure a low advertising budget and gives a glimpse of Peng's takeaways, where to find it, its speciality dishes, or what it is famous for. In addition, it gets better when the customers endorse it with a testimonial in the review section, which leads to brand awareness so it can rank on the top of the list when scrolling down on your phone to find a place to eat nearby. Finally, having a website will assist in promoting the restaurant's other services, like offering catering or private events, which generates extra revenue.

On the other hand, the mobile application goes the extra mile as it enables Peng's takeaways to push messages and notifications that contain updates and promotions or even customer surveys to the customers who have the application downloaded on their phones, which makes it closer to them than their competitors.

In addition, to the benefits mentioned earlier in establishing either the website or the mobile application, having those facilities will enable the link between the Customer and the restaurant.

An added value of having all the orders in digital form will help give a better overview of the operation as staff shift timings, when is the best time to order the supplies and what amendments are needed to enhance the menu.

Integrate with third-party Food applications (Just-Eat, Deliveroo and UberEats)

Third-party food applications are becoming more popular not only in the UK but around the globe, and the pandemic worked as a catalyst to accelerate the penetration and acceptance speed into our society. Of course, restaurants are not happy, but those applications help keep them standing. In other words, it is a love-hate relationship.

For restaurants to use the service to deliver their products, they pay a high commission endured by the end customer at the end of the day, making the food not affordable in some cases. Therefore, having option one is vital in terms of building profit.

Use virtual counters (including automatic phone orders processing)

Restaurant digitisation enhances kitchen productivity and facilitates resource planning and management. After the dark times of Covid, Self-ordering systems like point of sale (POS) systems and restaurant kiosks significantly reduce the order period and speed up the time until food is served. Also, it will allow Peng takeaways to save money by optimising and saving on hospitality personnel's salaries and relocating resources where needed. Similarly, digital order management solutions offer control at a single point and provide better visibility and flexibility.

Out-of-the-box thinking

Another option could be having sticky menu designs (QR Menus for Peng's takeaway).

The food and beverage (F&B) industry is shifting towards industry 4.0 with end-to-end digitisation and production automation. However, the COVID-19 pandemic is making restaurants focus on implementing customer-facing digital solutions for minimal contact. These include digital menus, cashless payment choices, and robots serving food. Accordingly, startups develop solutions with contactless transaction capabilities to offer customers a safe and hygienic experience.

Dark kitchen

Market saturation is one of the significant factors that can lead to no revenue increase or even a drop. However, having a dark kitchen can help you check other areas without a substantial investment. Still, Peng take away will use their website, mobile application or third-party platforms to deliver their food.

With all the options laid down, we must agree on what is feasible and realistic to set tangible goals for Peng's takeaways to achieve in the short and long-term during the implementation phase.


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