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Habib Shashati WFP UAE Office

I am a technically adept, resourceful, and trusted professional in UN humanitarian missions, with a record of success in the World Food Programme. I have a proven record of managing emergency response projects in challenging locations that have suffered conflict (Iraq, South Sudan) or have been struck by natural calamities (Haiti earthquake, Ebola epidemic in West Africa ) and delivered life-enhancing results using limited resources. I’m an expert at managing budgets, determining requirements, and securing inventory.

My missions have all been successful because I’ve worked and collaborated so well with diverse people ranging from local community members and leaders to UN Mission heads and government figures from different languages, cultures, and national backgrounds. I’ve also been recognised as an effective manager who motivates, trains, and coaches team members to exceed expectations. In addition, I always strive to establish trust and respect among so many stakeholders and resolve conflicts as they arise.

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